Weekend breaks in country cottages
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Holiday accommodation

A private holiday home or villa is one of the best forms of holiday accommodation because of the spaciousness, comfort and seclusion it permits. Holiday rentals are known as self-catering accommodation or holiday rentals in Great Britain, holiday homes in the Irish Republic, vacation rentals in the United States, dachas in Russia and villa holidays in tropical climates. One thing all holiday lets have in common is that they are fully equipped for a memorable holiday. The higher the rating, the higher the standard of accommodation. Not all holiday lettings are tourist board checked and the best way of assessing these is by ratings and feedback from previous guests. There is a wealth of feedback on the web nowadays that it is easy to read customer reviews

Architecturally each holiday property varies immensely. These could be cottages in the country, farmhouses and thatched rural cottages, houses and apartments in town, log cabins and pine lodges, restored former windmills, weaver’s cottages, manor houses and every other style possible. Self-catering breaks tend to be much more flexible than in the past. Most accommodation can be reserved for short breaks and long breaks. Quality of accommodation is good. Be assured if you pay a reputable self-catering business or pay by credit or debit card.

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